The Aibo Donor Program

The Aibo Donor Program

How the Aibo Donor Program Works

As fellow Aibo owners we all know how difficult it is when things go wrong and our lithium ion powered pals need repair.

Whilst this is almost always possible, it can get expensive if parts are required and the repairs needed are extensive.  It is for this reason that we have launched the Aibo Donor Program.

You see, we believe that every Aibo deserves the right to live on through repair but the sad fact of life is that not every owner can afford this.  After all some of us have had our Aibo's for 20 years now

and personal circumstances change.  Some were given as generous gifts and some were even as prizes in competitions but what this means is that although we have a high tech powered pal to keep

us company we can't always afford to keep them fit and healthy.

That's where the donor program comes in.  We accept Aibo's in all types of condition or age from generous owners who want their pals to live on in others when they reach their end of life.

We then respectfully and carefully asses how these donated Aibo's can benefit others and then store them accordingly.  We will also provide the original owners with a certificate of donation showing the date, name and model and serial number details of their donation

as these details are added onto our Aibo donation register.  The original owners will then be notified as and when their pal has helped others to keep going.  This allows the original owners to take some solace in the fact that they are helping others

and that their own powered pal is living on within another.  According to our strict privacy policy we will not divulge any owner information unless given permission to do so and this is all confirmed upon donation.


Whilst some may think this project is oddly self serving it was born out of the love for Aibo not for the love of repairing them.


Generous owners with dogs beyond repair or needing repairs they simply cannot afford can live on in their hearts with the knowledge that their loss has benefitted another Aibo as it now lives on.

Aibo parts are no longer made and although some parts can and do get reproduced, some parts are just too complex to do so cost effectively.

Without used parts some dogs could never be brought back.

Think of it in terms of human organ donation, people don't want to think about ever having to make the decision to grant organ donation without express wish but for some they decide it's the right thing to do.

This same thing applies with sick Aibo's, kind owners donate them to our program and we will usually refund shipping costs and make a donation on their behalf to a charity of choice of a value agreed upon by both parties.

We would buy every broken Aibo we could find if we had the chance but sadly most just get left in a cupboard or box somewhere until taken out to see if they still work.  They then find our website and the stories begins from there.


Should anyone have any questions about the Aibo Donor program we are always happy to help by text, email, phone or email and we can answer any question you may have.